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Getting Kids Moving Is More Important Than Ever Before!

Dance Lessons in MichiganAUGUST 26, 2020

Exercise is essential for mental and physical health – and can help kids cope with the many restrictions that Covid-19 has placed on our families. Accustomed to going to school, socializing, and being active, kids are now staying at home and inside much more. Kids learning virtually, on laptops at home instead of going to school everyday plus having the uncertainty of school schedules can create a sense of anxiety and loneliness.

Any physical activities that you can schedule for your children that give them a sense of routine, and a chance to move and safely interact with other children will improve both their physical and mental health. Regular exercise can also improve behavior as well as cognitive abilities.

Get your children moving more today! Check out local dance, sports and other activities that offer a safe environment and age-appropriate programs. They are here to help. We all need to pull together to make sure our youth are getting the physical activity they need to succeed in this uncertain time.


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7035 Dexter-Ann Arbor Road
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