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Michigan Academy Performance Team

& Company Dance Program 

If you have the desire for your child to take their dance training beyond the recreational level, the Academy has two programs that offer additional training along with competitive dance opportunities.  Our Performance Team and Company members commit 1-4 days a week to their training in core genres of dance and will attend competitions and/or conventions in addition to performing in our recital performances each year.  All Teams/Groups are given opportunities to participate in parades, local festivals, in-studio events, charity & benefit events, educational & middle school shows and other special performances.

Our goal is for our Performance Team and Company members to develop excellent technical dance skills while building exceptional work ethic and teamwork skills so we can help them acquire life skills that will follow them through every chapter of their teen and adult years.  Teams/Groups are formed based on technical ability, performance quality, movement quality, and ability to learn and retain choreography.  Age and potential for growth are also considered as we form our Company groups each season.  If you would like additional information regarding our Performance Team & Company Program, please feel free to email us at info@academydanceandmusic.com.

 Primary Studio of Excellence Award 2023


Performance Team Competitive 

Lesser Committment Program

Application only / no audition required.

Mini Performance Team - Average age 5 – 8; by placement (Minimum 1.5 hours of class plus Team rehearsal each week, 1 local competition, Jazz Routine) *

Junior Performance Team - Average age 9 – 12; by placement (Minimum 3.0 hours of class plus Team rehearsal each week, 2 local competitions, 1 Jazz Routine) *

Senior Performance Team - Average age 13+; by placement (Minimum 4.0 hours of class each week plus Team rehearsal, 2 local competitions, 1 Jazz & 1 Lyrical Routine) *

* Additional routines in other genres/styles may be made available if enough interest is expressed.


Pre-Professional Company 


Stronger Committment Program

By audition / invitation.    Open Auditions 2024 Date TBA                 

Mini Elite Company- Average age 8 -10; by audition/invitation only (Minimum 5 hours class + Company rehearsal per week) 3 regional competitions & 2 convention events.

1 Jazz, 1 Lyrical, 1 Tap & + Full Company routines)

Encore Company- Average age 10 -12; by audition/invitation only (Minimum 7 hours class + Company rehearsal per week) 3 regional competitions & 2 convention events.

1 Jazz,1 Lyrical, 1 Tap & Full Company routines)

Elite Company- Average Age 13+; by audition/invitation only (Minimum 8 hours class + Company rehearsal per week) 3 regional competitions & 2 convention events.

1 Jazz, 1 Lyrical, 1 Tap, & Full Company routines)

Placements for all groups are made based primarily on ability and potential within each individual dancer, with the ages listed above used merely as a guideline.  

Solos, Duets & Trios are open to Company Dancers.

Some of their performance opportunities include:

•  Regional and National Dance Competitions
•  Dance Conventions
•  Half-time Shows for Professional Sports Teams
•  College Performances
•  Stage Shows & Parades
•  Retirement Homes
•  Local Elementary and Middle School Educational Shows
•  Festivals and Community Events
•  Charities and Benefits




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