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Dance companies  in MIAcademy All Stars

Joining this team is a way for students who love to perform, to get as much out of their dance experience as possible. 

Dancers in this team range in age from 3-12. Members are encouraged to take classes in Jazz, Ballet and Tap. The Academy All Stars are invited by their Acadmey teachers to perform for sporting events, stage shows, and parades in our area. Plus have the opportunity to attend one competition event.

Not only do these students love to perform, but they also love being part of a special performing dance group. Together they learn more than just dance skills and great life lessons will follow them forever.

Some of their performance opportunities include:
•  Parades
•  Retirement Homes
•  Festivals and Community Events
•  Local Elementary and Middle School Educational Shows
•  Charities and Benefits




Dance companies  in MIDance Company

Many of our dancers strive to be in the Company. After a dancer is in Recreational-Recital classes for a period of time, they can be chosen to join the Company.

Michigan Academy picks a few of the most advanced dancers within each age group. Our Junior Company consists of Intermediate Dancers who are encouraged to take classes in all styles of dance. Our Senior Company is a team of advanced dancers who take classes in all genres as well as technique classes.

Dancers in the Company become an elite team that performs at conventions and competitions together. Some dancers may even choose to perform solos during the competitions. The Company has received National recognition for their excellence in choreography.

Some of their performance opportunities include:
•  Regional and National Dance Competitions
•  Dance Conventions
•  Half-time Shows for Professional Sports Teams
•  College Performances
•  Stage Shows & Parades
•  Retirement Homes
•  Local Elementary and Middle School Educational Shows
•  Festivals and Community Events
•  Charities and Benefits

There are many benefits to being in the Michigan Academy Dance Company!

•  Professional Faculty and Choreographers
•  Development of higher level dance skills
•  Participation in Conventions and Competitions
•  Enjoy performance with your group
•  Learn how to audition
•  Recognition as an Advanced Dancer