Michigan Academy of Dance and Music

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Youth Dance ClassesRegistration

To reserve a space in class, the annual membership fee of $50 is due upon registration. The first and last installment are also due upon registration. Both Dance Classes and Music Lessons are open for enrollment year-round based on availability. Call for details.

Tuition Policies 

Tuition fees are paid annually or by monthly installments.
Save 5% by paying for the full season by October 31st.
The Dance seasons starts September 12th and goes through June 5th.
The Dance & Music recitals will be in June and details will be announced as soon as the venue is confirmed.
After registering, monthly tuition is paid by debit or credit card payment.
Tuition payments for dance are made on the 1st of each month and for music on the 20th of each month.
There is a $25 fee on NSF accounts and a 5% fee on late accounts.
Tuition for dance is divided into 10 equal installments, one due August 1st or at time of enrollment plus 9 equal installments September 1st to May 1st.  Tuition for Music is monthly, and lessons are year-round. 


2023-2024 Tuition

Dance Class Tuition

Pre-School Classes (Ages 2-4)
$46 /class per month

Children’s Classes (Ages 5-8)
$52-$54/ class per month

Graded Technique & Specialty Classes (Ages 8-18)
$59 / class per month levels 1 & 2   

$64-$75 / class per month levels 3 & up

Private Dance Lessons

Half hour weekly Solo lesson $35 / $140 per month 
Half hour weekly Duet lesson $24 per student / $96 per month per student
Half hour weekly Trio lesson $20 per student / $80 per month per student

One-hour private Classical Russian Ballet lesson with Miss Irina $90,

For private dance lessons an evaluation / audition is required.  Call for availability.


Music Tuition
Private Music Lessons
Half-hour weekly lesson $35 / $140 per month
45-minute weekly lesson $52.50 / $210 per month
One-hour weekly lesson $70 / $280 per month


A multiple dance class or sibling discount of 10% is given to all classes in a family after the first class for regular dance school year classes. No discounts are offered for summer classes, special events, private dance or music lessons, performing groups or membership fees.


The Academy reserves the right to reschedule or combine classes or to provide a substitute.
The Academy reserves the right to deliver class content via an online system in the event that classes are not able to be conducted live for any reason including, but not limited to weather, teacher absence or government advisory. A class may be canceled based due to low enrollment.

Dance Dress Code

Proper attire and hair etiquette are required for all classes. Special Academy Logo leotards and tights are available for dance classes and are available at the studio.

Pre-School Program:  Mini Classes:  Logo leotard with skirt is pink with pink tights.
Children’s Program:   Happy Feet Classes:  Logo leotard with skirt is lavender with ballet pink tights. Beg/Build Classes: Logo leotard with skirt is light blue with pink tights
Graded Program:  Class Logo leotard color is based on level (1-6) with ballet pink tights for ballet & light suntan tights for jazz, modern and tap. Level 1: Bright Pink, Level 2:  Bright Blue, Level 3:  Navy, Level 4:  Burgundy, Levels 5 & 6:  Black.

Shoe requirements are available at the front desk.

All Logo Leotards & tights are available at the Academy.

Performances for Dance & Music

Each class participates in the Holiday Showcase. It is celebrated during regular class time. Parents, siblings, and family are invited to attend.

Ballet Students are invited to participate in our December performance of The Nutcracker, Land of Sweets.

Our Annual Spring Recital is a traditional recital in June of each year. There is a rehearsal prior to the recital so students can become familiar with the setting. There are multiple recital shows in order to keep each show length under two hours.