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You're new? Well, we welcome all new students with open arms!

As you've looked around you can see, that we truly do have something for everyone. Whether it is a class in just about any dance style, an instrumental or voice lesson, or our kids rock band, we have it all!

We love new students because it's just a fun, life-changing (for the good) experience for your children.

"My child recently joined the Michigan Academy Dance Company. We started last year with just a few regular classes to get our feet wet. I never knew that this was the missing link. Her school work has improved and also her social skills. Sometimes I can't get her to be quiet. I owe this to the amazing staff and faculty of Michigan Academy..."

dance classes for middle school girls

Well you've already done the first step to trying dance, music or theater out for your child(ren). The second part is to contact us. Some performing arts centers allow you to just register through their website into whatever classes you want. Give us your phone number and we'll call you and get you a free class to try that not only helps you understand their level/ability but also see your kid have fun. It'll help in choosing which dance or theater class and/or music lesson to sign up for.

Unless you try every dance style you'll never really understand which style of dance your child will actually fall in love with. In our younger classes, we offer classes that cover a variety of different styles in each hour of lessons. For instance, on Monday there is a Ballet/Jazz/Tap class at 5:00 for 6-8 year-olds. In that class, they will learn the basic – age appropriate – dance moves in tap dancing, jazz, and ballet.

Get help choosing the right dance class for your child


3. When are the dance & music classes?

Classes are open for enrollment for about the entire length of the year. Some classes will close due to size. Michigan Academy keeps their class ratio low so that every child gets plenty of opportunity with the dance teacher.

Classes are available in every age just about every day and all throughout the week – even on weekends if your schedule is too full during the week.

The Academy has made it easy to find the best class for your child!

Dance Class Schedule

4. What is expected of me?

Moms and Dads! This is an extremely low stress performing arts studio. We want both you and your children to enjoy coming to class! We have a low-pressure front staff that will give you all the information you need to have. There are no hidden costs or prices that you will not know about upon signing up.
Is MIADM right for my dancer

Is Michigan Academy the right studio for me and my performer?

We would like to answer that question “yes!”. But ultimately it has to be the best choice for you and your performer. We've found that many performing arts students try other studios first and then come to Michigan Academy of Dance & Music where they stay for years more. Some say it's because of the friendly staff, or the professional faculty. Some agree that their child just feels a part of something big and fun.

Here are 8 of the common reasons people join and stay at Michigan Academy of Dance & Music.

If your child is interested into any one of our three performing groups, please inquire about them at the front desk or read about them here.


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"I love this studio. It is a great atmosphere
and the teachers really care about the kids.
They also keep the little girls innocent and
elegant while teaching the fundamentals."

-Raye N.


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