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Dancing is a form of exercise for everyone and a form of self-expression for most. Dancing has become a popular way to be active and keep fit; even most fitness clubs now offer group dance lessons in their programs.

Writer Kerry Williams of She Knows magazine says parents enroll their extroverted, confident children into dance lessons to provide them with another outlet for their already expressive talent. But smart parents know that their introverted, self-conscious children need to attend dance classes more than most. Here's why:

  • The end-of-the-year show or recital requires working together in teams and develops communication and cooperation skills. This brings your child out of his/her personal comfort zone and enlarges their social skills zone.
  • A less confident child learns something that is difficult at first can become easier with practice and dedication. You child's dance teacher will encourage the class members to be the very best they can be.
  • Before the performance, when your child expresses fears and doubts, continue to be encouraging about how much he/she has learned. You'll be relieved when your child rushes offstage, excited and thrilled at that opportunity to demonstrate what he/she's learned!
  • Most of all, dancing feels good for everybody, all ages. It's a form of exercise and expression in a physical way, boosting everyone's self-esteem.



There are dance lessons for children and adults that lend themselves to a well-rounded movement and rhythm comprehension at a basic level. We believe every child should have that experience! But sometimes...a child or an adult has a passion for dance that goes beyond the basics and begs for more. That's how a professional dancer is born.


Tap dancing focuses on timing and beats. The small metal plates on the dancer's shoes create a distinctive jungle and tap sound. Beginning tap students start at age 3 and classes are available for advanced students ages 9 and up. These dance classes will improve coordination and rhythm, and for children, there's nothing more stimulating than being able to make music with your feet.


Ballet is often performed to classical music. This dance style focuses on strength, technique and flexibility. Professional dancers usually have a foundation in ballet. It requires the most focus and the most discipline; those are the superior “study skills” your dancer will incorporate into other forms of dance. Moving on to Pointe classes is at the teacher's discretion, because your child must have properly developed feet, back and leg muscle strength in addition to a strong comprehension of ballet technique. Our ballet dance lessons and classes start at age 3 and continue through adult.


One of the most energetic and dynamic forms of dance, hip-hop classes appeal to children ages 4-12+.


Body control and strength development will increase in your jazz class, plus you'll gain increased flexibility. After you have mastered the basic techniques, explore the dynamic and funky options of mixing today's music with hip-hop to express your own jazz dance style.


These dance lessons are a marriage of jazz and ballet movements that convey expression accompanied by music and lyrics. You will be telling a story with your body, and your audience may laugh, cry, or gasp in awe.

Combo Classics 

Our signature Combo Classics Program allows dancers to attend one class a week incorporating the fundamental teachings of three different genres: Ballet, Tap and Jazz. 

We also offer One Subject classes where students may specialize in one particular genre (ballet, tap or jazz); call for class times.

Happy Dancing Feet

These dance classes are perfect for your energetic toddler or youngster! We focus on creative movement to music, carefully helping them build muscles and balance and introduce a bit of ballet, tap, and jazz dance in a fun, age-appropriate setting.

Jumpin' Jam 
Hip Hop/Jazz/Tumbling 

Children ages 3 - 5 learn to dance around to the beat in this introductory course of teaching Hip Hop, Jazz and Tumbling. We carefully help them build muscles and balance in a fun, age-appropriate setting.

Flip Hop 
Hip Hop/Jazz/Tumbling 

Children ages 6 - 9 learn to dance around to the beat in this introductory course of teaching Hip Hop, Jazz and Tumbling. This class creates an upbeat environment where children learn rhythm, precision and fun choreography to the latest Kid-Friendly hip hop hits!

Jumps, Leaps, Turns  

This class requires two years of training in ballet and jazz. Dancers work on perfecting their flexibility, balance and coordination in this productive half hour weekly class. Non-recital class. 


This class requires two years of training in baller and jazz. Dancers learn new choreography each week in ballet, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. This class helps dancers with memory retention and coordination in all styles of dance. Non-recital class. 

Academy All Stars

Many of our dancers strive to move up into a more advanced level of training and performance. Dancers who are motivated and dedicated in our Recreational and Recital classes may be invited to take part in our Academy All Stars. These students get the opportunity to perform at one competition during the school year.

Mini Stars

After Recreational and Recital class, students are invited to move into our performance group - the Mini Stars. This group consists of intermediate level dancers wanting to advance and have performance opportunities. Contact us today to learn more!

Dance Company

Looking to watch your young talented dancer perform and compete at regional and national dance competitions? Michigan Academy Dance Company is filled with some of the most talent young dancers in Michigan. These kids ranging from 8 to 18 are competitors and entertainers in one. These high energy determined dancers know what it takes to push themselves for a possible professional career in dance.

Full Dance Class Schedule

At The Academy, we encourage our students to develop into more than good dancers. We help promote self-esteem and self-expression in a fun atmosphere for every age using professional dance instruction dynamics. Please call (734) 426-8636 or contact us by email at info@AcademyDanceAndMusic.com. Follow us on Facebook!

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"I love this studio. It is a great atmosphere
and the teachers really care about the kids.
They also keep the little girls innocent and
elegant while teaching the fundamentals."

-Raye N.


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